So by now you may be asking yourselves “Am I bougie?” There are quite a few of you who already know the answer and some of you may be in denial. Here’s a quick checklist for you!

You might be Bougie if…

  1. Your Starbucks order is complicated…3 pumps of mocha, 2 shots of espresso, a splash of soy, extra hot, light foam.
  2. You have ever done a juice cleanse…matter of fact you just started one.
  3. You own a designer planner or two.
  4. You love avocado toast.
  5. You have taken a yoga, barre or pilates class in the past 90 days,
  6. You know what a cerologist is and you have one.
  7. You have gone Vegan a few times.
  8. You drink milk that comes from basically anyplace but cows.
  9. You were a debutante.
  10. You love brunch….with bottomless mimosas of course.
  11. You love Whole Foods and Trader Joes.
  12. You love Cardigans.
  13. You drink sparkling water.
  14. You have participated in a book club.
  15. You wear a “protective style.”
  16. You love body butters and bath bombs.
  17. Your favorite colors are pink and green.

Let’s add to this list!