Ok so you keep seeing your friend’s curated posts come across your feed, she’s got a pretty cool pattern going, she posts stories all day and she always has her phone in her hand. If you didn’t already know, she’s an Influencer. I know what you are thinking.  Doesn’t she have a job? Is it that serious? What does it even mean?

It means that she has decided to pursue another career avenue. It’s her creative outlet. It’s no different from someone who chooses to bake, design jewelry or write poetry.

Influencers “have an established credibility and audience; who can persuade others by virtue of their trustworthiness and authenticity.” Those celebrities that you follow (Rihanna 🙋🏽‍♀️), who have the ability to get you to order those new shoes, try that new beauty product or cut your hair…are Influencers.

Influencers are able to partner with large brands and if successful, this can become a full time job. This is your friend’s small business. It’s no different than you wanting your friends to promote your services, patronize your business or share your work. I have no doubt that you want to support your friend, maybe you just aren’t sure of how. Well, let me help you!

1. Follow your friend’s social media accounts! Brands look at follower counts and often decide whether or not to hire an influencer based on this number.

2. Like and Comment on their posts! It’s    called Engagement. Brands want to see the influencer interacting with their audience. I prefer this over follower count!

3. Share their content! Let other people know about your friend! Someone may want to hire them!

4. Read their blogs! I can guarantee you that your friend spent a lot of time writing that blog for you!

5. Attend their events! If your friend is hosting an event, please attend! This is another way of showing a brand their influence!

6. Be supportive! This isn’t an easy job! It’s often stressful to spend so much time on a post and no one likes or comments! 

I hope this helps! Now go “follow, like, comment and share!”