Yes, we know Toys R Us is gone, but there are other places to buy kid’s toys in New Orleans! This Holiday Season, support a local  Small Business. Here is a list of local toy stores:

Learning Express Toys

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Little Pnuts Toy Shoppe


Magic Box Toys

5508 Magazine St.
New Orleans, LA 70115

P: (504) 899-0117


Le Joet



I reached out to Dr. Allison Palmisano, a Licensed Child Psychologist in New Orleans about toy recommendations. Dr. Palmisano says, “I would recommend anything that encourages interactive, collaborative play.” She also brought up an interesting point, “I’m in love with those project DIY types that require adult supervision because it’s so hard to carve out parent-child time and if a Christmas present requires an adult to play with it, the kiddo will ask and ask until the parent finds time!”


I stopped by one of my favorite toy stores, Learning Express Toys and walked around with the owner, Linda Greenbaum to check out some of her recommendations for Mojo. Here’s what I found:


Here’s something for the Lil Bous!

Stay tuned for Mojo’s Wish List! What is on your little one’s list this year?