Happy Mother’s Day to all of my Mom Bloggers and Instagram Moms!

I thought I would share a little bit of what my life is like as a Mom beyond social media!  One thing’s for sure, it ain’t easy! I work a full time job and this has become my “side job.” The most commonly asked question is “how do you do it all?” I really thought that I was doing a pretty awesome job of balancing it all until my favorite little guy brought it to my attention. If you ever wanna know the truth about something, ask a child!

I asked Mojo, “what do you like to do for fun?” His response was, “play with my cars.” I then asked, “what does mommy like to do?” The straight up answer, “Go to work and do videos.”

Y’all. That hit me to the core. This is what he sees! He’s 3. Does he think I’m a bad mom? Of course not, he would have said that!

This moment did make me realize that I can do a better job of balancing my jobs, social media and family time. To be totally transparent, Mojo has been having some behavior issues at school. In his earlier years, I took great pride in the fact that I had him on an amazing schedule (thanks to Moms On Call) that drove everyone nuts, but worked like magic! These past few months, have been haywire. No schedule. No family time. Of course he is acting out! Well, I decided to clear my evening schedule, cook dinner (Hello Fresh), start our evening family walks around the neighborhood (Heart Health) and have him in bed by 8:30! Did it work? Somewhat, but it made him smile a whole lot brighter! I didn’t have to give up my social media at all, I just shifted a little bit!

•Here’s the thing, as a blogger/influencer you get invited to a lot of events! I know y’all used to always wonder about how I could be everywhere! It became overwhelming! I had to realize that I could not make every event, nor did I need to! I decided to attend ONE event a week, and if it was more than that, make sure home life was straight first! 

•I also decided to incorporate more family friendly events into my schedule! No explanation needed! This a great way to balance work and family fun!

•Saying No. I’ve said “No” more over the past 2 weeks! I started thinking about the sacrifice, not in terms of money, but in terms of my time away from my family and disruption of schedules and routines.

The point of this post is to first tell all of you Bloggermommas that you are doing a great job! Don’t ever feel guilty about what you are doing!

Here are a few tips that I want to share on how I balance it!

  1. Use a scheduling app! Just like we manage doctors appointments and school activities, we can schedule our content!
  2. Set a time for Engagement. I have daily reminder in my phone to do all of my social media engagement.
  3. Find your tribe. Finding other moms who are living the blogger life helps soooo much!
  4. Don’t overthink it! I find that my best content is the stuff that I just run with!
  5. Let your kid be involved! This may or may not be for you, but Mojo loves photos and videos, so we make them together!
  6. Don’t compare yourself to other moms! No Mom is perfect, no matter how it looks!

Moms I know you have more tips to add so share them! We are in this together! Tag some of your favorite mombloggers!