Y’all know I’m all the way down for a Spa Day! So of course when my cousins and her bestie invited me  for a spa day, I obliged. Ladies, if you’ve ever had a baby then you’ve heard them say that your humility goes out the door well let’s just say that after this spa day it will NEVA return!

We pull into the parking lot in front of this huge facility. It was 35,000 square feet. I’m thinking “got damn, this is something serious. We need this in New Orleans.” We walk in, at this point they are all giddy (because they know what’s about to go down) and I’m just oblivious. We walk up to the counter and show our IDs and pay for our entry. This is when it gets a little suspect. The lady returns with an orange pair or shorts and a shirt. Now, the only orange uniform I’ve seen (on TV) is Orange is the New Black. We proceed to the locker room to change. I get ready to change into my “uniform” and I look around and notice that NO ONE has the “uniform” on. Kinda weird but ok. But wait, where are they going naked? This is when they bust out laughing! “Oh we forgot to tell you, it’s a nude spa!” Insert “IKYFL!” Jeju Sauna is a gender-segregated traditional Korean public bathhouse.

We leave the locker room and proceed to the mineral baths. As soon as we arrive we are directed to the shower where we are instructed to clean before entry into the baths. At this point I’m still kinda confused about what all of this is and why they would pick this over the St. Regis! Apparently this was on one of the Real Housewives of Atlanta episodes. Go figure.

About 20 minutes passed by and I found myself relaxing in the mineral bath with about 5 other naked women talking about life. As I panned the room I saw more naked women laughing and talking as if they were hanging out in their favorite shoe department. There was a lady laying under the infrared light taking a nap. Another, in the ice bath..by her damn self.

Across the room I saw something that looked like an assembly line! We got out of the mineral bath and realized that it was the body scrub room. Women were lined up and waiting their turn for the popular body treatment. Guess who signed up for it? I mean if I was gonna be there, I might as well get the whole experience. They called my number. Oh I forgot to mention that we were issued wrist bands with numbers on them! 

These women were Korean and did not speak much English. I can recall getting on the wet vinyl table and almost slipping off! When I tell you she went to work! This lady scrubbed my ENTIRE body! I was falling asleep until she rinsed me off by dumping a bucket of water on me! My skin was baby soft!

We left the baths and headed back into the locker room to change into our uniform. As I was getting dressed, I saw about 10 women lined up sitting on pots for the V Steam. Apparently that was a service too! Next stop, Reflexology! Nothing too different about this, I think at this point nothing could surprise me.

Once we entered the main area, I understood why we needed the uniform. It was co-Ed. There were about 75 people just hanging out relaxing. The floors were heated and so cozy.

I was finally able to understand the real reason for the spa. It was the Saunas. There are 9 saunas, each with unique healing properties.

1. Rock & Salt

2. Gold & Silver

3. Jewels

4. Rock Ice

5. Charcoal

6. Jade

7. Baked Clay

8. Steamed Jade

9. Wood

My favorite was the Jewels.

In the Jewel Room you will be surrounded by semi-precious stones, crystals and amethyst, known to have great healing and calming powers. You will feel rejuvenated and renewed, restored in both body and mind as the glowing powers of these stones wrap around you.

As shocking as it was, this was a memorable experience. I was able to bond with my cousins on a whole nutha level! 🤣 Most importantly, I realized that while I was there I didn’t feel self conscious. I didn’t worry about my “dimples” or flabby arms. Nobody did. Maybe it was because I was out of state and didn’t know anyone? Would I do it again? Probably not. I did like the saunas so I’m definitely planning on visiting a salt room.

If you are ever in Duluth, GA visit Jeju Sauna. It’s open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. https://jejusauna.com/

What’s the weirdest thing that you have ever done? Would you visit a nude spa?