So….I have to admit. I was scammed. I had been following an IG boutique and was in love with all of the clothes! I was stalking this black cozy sweater that had been in and out of stock over the past few weeks. Last week, I got lucky and it was back in stock! So…I did something that I’ve never done before, I placed an order.

The shipping was fast and I even received my order on a Sunday…signature required. All the normal signs of a high end boutique. Then…I opened the package. The package contained the business card of the boutique along with my sweater. I went to open the package and the sticker on the outside of it caught my eye.

The sticker read some other retailer! My immediate thoughts were that this boutique is buying clothes from this popular retailer and reselling! I went on the website and sure enough found my exact sweater for half the price!

I immediately notified the store and did not receive the response that I expected. I was in shock. I was told that I received the correct sweater and that the vendor placed the incorrect store tag on my package prior to shipping. Does this sound believable to you?

After multiple email exchanges expressing my concerns, the boutique staff kept trying to convince me that nothing was wrong with the situation. They only asked me if there was an issue with the sweater itself or the fit. This boutique’s return policy is “no refunds.” Was this right?

The customer service that I received made issues worse. Had the owner just apologized, I probably would have just left it alone. After a day and a half of exchanging emails, the boutique finally agreed to let me return the sweater for a refund.

This was definitely a lesson for me! Here’s some tips!

4 Ways to Make Sure You Don’t get scammed by an online boutique:

1. Check Reviews and BBB
2. Reverse Photo Search the item to see if it’s on other sites for less
3. Check all tags and packaging
4. Be aware of return policy