The next stop on my Spa Tour was Flot NOLA, a Float Center and Spa located at 6024 Magazine Street. I know you are probably wondering what a Float spa is! Don’t worry, so did I and after googling it I was so intrigued that I booked a session!

Floatation therapy may be used to manage stress by promoting relaxation. You basically float in a huge tank (float spa) which is filled with a mixture of epsom salt and water. Remember learning about buoyancy in your high school science class? Well this is a real life lesson.

When I called to schedule this, I made sure to ask about being closed in. Not only can I not swim, but I’m also claustrophobic. Most floaters opt to close the lid. I didn’t. In fact, I didn’t even want then lights off. Baby steps Bous.

I got in and and after a few minutes, well maybe more than a few (I was still pretty scared), I started to float. The dense saline solution allows your body to float and you eventually feel weightless. I have to admit that this felt pretty weird at first, as I started to lose sensation in my limbs. This was an indication that my body was fully relaxed.

The session lasted for about 60 minutes. I did get up a few times because my mind kept drifting and I would catch myself. The benefits of floatation therapy are said to be improved sleep, better meditation, fast recovery, decreased stress and enhanced creativity. I’ve also read that floatation can help with skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

I chose to wear a bathing suit, however you have the option of being completely naked since you are in the room alone. Also, since the solution is saline (salt), it is recommended that you refrain from shaving before the session, as open cuts may burn. You are also given a pair of ear plugs because once you are relaxed your ears will be submerged under water. Ladies, I did notice that my hair was really dry after because of the salt, so a deep condition after a session is a must. Also, you must wait two weeks to float if your hair is freshly colored.

You should also avoid caffeine prior to floating and make sure to hydrate and eat a light meal 2 hours before.

Overall, I had a great experience and definitely plan to return. I can definitely see this as an alternative method for pain management. As a pharmacist, I see the effects of the opioid epidemic and if floatation therapy provides an alternative, I will definitely promote it. After talking with Mr. Cecil, the owner, I also learned that floatation therapy has also been used in the management of PTSD.

In addition to floating, the spa offers massage, an infrared sauna and an oxygen bar. Be sure to visit their website at and tell them Nola Bougie sent you!

Would you try floating? The introductory float session is $65 for 1 hour. Membership packages are also available.