Have you seen the jewelry box on Magazine street?

I’ve passed by it quite a few times while enjoying one of my favorite past times: taking photos and shopping on Magazine street. It’s eye catching of course. I mean, who wouldn’t enjoy seeing their reflection on a beautiful day in NOLA!

Once you step inside, that’s where the magic is! First of all, I watch a lot of HGTV so I’ve seen a tiny house, but I’ve never set foot in one! My first thought was how do families live in these?!!! My second thought was that this is a mobile tiny house full of jewelry AND mirrors! Ashley Porter is a genius! Can I get a mobile tiny closet?

If you aren’t familiar with Ashley Porter, she’s a California native who launched Porter Lyons in 2012 as an exotic skin belt line that was manufactured in Louisiana. Porter’s family heritage dates back to the 1860’s where her family owned a pharmacy. Her most recent collection, which just happens to be my favorite, is the Pharmacy Collection. This collection features necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings. She even has a serotonin necklace!

Secret Pill Necklace

Another reason why I love this company so much is her community involvement. I have attended several local events where Porter Lyons has been a sponsor. Most recently, Porter Lyons sponsored the Sylvain Society’s Big Wig Ball. In a recent interview, Ashley stated that “Porter Lyons is built on three tags: culture, care, create. So with every collection, I like to highlight a different aspect of culture, and then with that collection, I like to give part of the proceeds back to a cause that fundamentally protects that inspiration’s identity.”

If that isn’t enough, look at the collection!

Rx Bracelet and Ring


Ice Necklace


We can all agree that Valentine’s Day is a day of love and this Mirror House is a beautiful reminder that SELF LOVE is most important. Reflect Yourself and “Embrace Your Inner Bougie.”

The PL Mirror House will remain at 2230 Magazine Street until Feb. 17, 2019. After that, it’s on the move! Don’t worry, the flagship location is at 631 Toulouse Street. 

Stay Bougieful!