It’s officially Seersucker Season! Traditionally, my family wears Seersucker on Easter and everyone else seems to have gotten the memo. It’s the South!

Where did Seersucker come from?

Seersucker has ties to New Orleans by way of Joseph Haspel. While, he wasn’t the first manufacturer of seersucker suits, he played a huge role in it’s popularity when he founded his company in 1909.

Seersucker is a thin, puckered, all-cotton fabric, that is worn in the spring and summer. Popular items include suits, dresses, and shorts for all ages.

Where can you find Seersucker?

Locally, Seersucker suits may be found at Haspels, Brooks Brothers, Banbury Cross, Haase’s, Nola Couture, Perlis, JoS A. Bank, Jolie & Elizabeth, and if you’re lucky, Steinmart.

Ladies, Vineyard Vines has us covered!


How do you wear Seersucker?

The most classic color for the stripes of seersucker suits is blue and white and then tan and white. These days you can find green, yellow, red and pink.

Shoes. Bucks are the most traditional. Most husband always says no to “hard heels.”

Ties. A bow tie will give you the traditional Southern look. Check out Nola Couture!


Where do you wear Seersucker?

Seersucker is appropriate for brunch, church, or an outdoor wedding.

Looking for the perfect place to wear your Seersucker? Join the Sylvain Society for their Seersucker Brunch at Ralph’s on the Park on Sunday, August 11th. Tickets are available at

Find out more about the Sylvain Society here