So my husband surprised me three weeks before Mother’s Day with a trip to Hawaii! Of course I was excited! I couldn’t wait to get all of the details and when I opened up the email it said…Disney Aulani. It was at this moment that I realized that this wasn’t a romantic getaway, it was a family vacation! I will say that my husband knows that if we had to do something Disney, that this is the way to get me to do it! 

I immediately began to research the resort. I stalked IG, searched hashtags and reviews (which is what you should do my Bous before traveling or visiting anywhere). I was ALL in. 

What I was not ready for was the flight. I have a 2 year old, well he’s closer to 3. Has anyone ever flown 8 hours with a toddler? He did great though. He was able to meet the “Pirates”, which is what he called them and was occupied by the tablet (thank God for WiFi). A few tips for moms…snacks, headphones and toys. By the way the bathrooms on the plane have a changing table. If you are claustrophobic, it’s a nightmare. 

Welcome To Hawaii 

I’ll address this now…I did not see any volcanoes or smoke since we were on a different island. We made sure to book transportation with the hotel to ensure that we had a car seat (another tip for moms). When we arrived, we were greeted with a fresh Lei. The resort looked exactly like it did in the reviews which is always great! 

I immediately noticed the concierge desk, which is always helpful when traveling, where I picked up the schedule of daily events. Let the fun begin! 

We arrived in our room and one of the first things that I do when I get in the room is look at the bathroom and check for a robe and slippers. Winner! The view from the room was the lazy river with a balcony overlooking the garden terrace. The room had Disney decor and there was a cute Mickey Mouse welcome towel display on the bed. 

We immediately changed clothes and headed to the pool. That’s all we did that first day. In case you didn’t know, there is a 5 Hour time difference between Hawaii and NOLA. A major adjustment. 

One thing that I have always wanted to do was attend a Luau…I’ve seen them on TV and had to experience it. 


We had a Hawaiian dinner with storytelling and hula dancing. My son was shocked to see Mickey and Minnie!

My son has food allergies and I was able to walk the buffet with the chef to discuss how each dish was prepared. He even brought out a chocolate cake for him. I recommend notifying the server immediately at any restaurant and ask for the to chef come out. 

Of course I planned a spa day at the Laniwai spa. 

Upon entry, you are asked to select a rock which a message engraved.This message is what your focus will be and it is what the island will give back to you. You throw the rock into the pool before heading to your service. My rock said Happiness. 

My service was the honey cocoon. I’ve never been wrapped in a cocoon so I thought it would be a unique experience. The service included an exfoliating papaya and honey body scrub and massage which left my skin glowing. Have I ever mentioned how much I love body scrubs? 

Following my massage, I was able to retreat to the garden and relax under the rain showers. 

The aromatherapy steam room was great for my sinuses and my skin. There was even a reflexology trail! I also received my own body scrub to back home. 

For a few hours I actually forgot  that I was at Disney and had my husband and child with me y’all. Of course the hubby booked a spa appointment the next day. The spa offers family appointments, servicing children 12 and over. 


My son spent most of the trip looking for the Disney characters. There is a set schedule which is released daily for guests to meet and greet them. Instead of tracking them down, I decided to make reservations for the Disney Breakfast. Last year, he was afraid of Mickey Mouse so I was kind of shocked that he was interested. When we arrived at the hostess stand Mickey walked by. He was in shock. He ran over and gave Mickey the biggest hug. Yes, I cried. Look at this. Priceless. 

We were seated and Minnie stopped by. He chatted with her and asked her if she would come to the Monster Jam with him. I wish she could take him! LOL 



Last but not least, there was Goofy! 

This resort was great for families. There’s Aunty’s Beach House for kids ages 3-12 which is great and packed with activities.

For date nights, there on-site babysitters for hire. If relaxing on the beach isn’t enough, there are also lots of daily activities including yoga and fitness classes, photography classes, and snorkeling. Visit for more info.





Hawaii is beautiful and I plan to return and visit other islands…next time just the two of us. 


We made some great memories that I will cherish forever. Mahalo Hawaii! It took me 38 years to get to Hawaii and this kid went at 2. 


If you need any recommendations or tips on how to plan your next bougie vacation, don’t hesitate to inbox the Nola Bougie team-we got your back! 

Bougiefully Yours,