Glow Like Woah With Olay #ad

Seasons change and so should your skincare regimen. The warmer summer days have been replaced with cooler fall nights. Olay gets it! They sent me a Caboodle filled with goodies from their new skincare line!


This was just the “Refresh” that my skin needed. In the summer months, my skin is typically oily, but when the weather changes, the dryness sets in. I even start to lose my summer “glow.” My makeup routine now requires an extra step to keep my skin hydrated. Olay’s newest product, the Olay Pressed Serum Sticks are the perfect addition to my morning skincare routine.


This super hydrating serum is available in three different sticks: Brightening, Refreshing and Cooling.


Brightening: Contains vitamin C which helps to brighten skin


Refreshing: Contains Sake Kasu which is known for containing amino acids and antioxidants which help to invigorate your skin


Cooling: Cactus Water contains electrolytes and amino acids to cool and soothe your skin


I chose Refreshing, which contains Vitamin B3, Sake Kasu and glycerin. These three ingredients help to keep the skin hydrated and invigorated.  As a working mom, my morning routine has to be as streamlined as possible. Every second counts when you are trying to get out of the door!  I have about 10 minutes to get my face together and incorporating the serum stick was super easy. I simply apply it after washing my face before applying my moisturizer.  The serum comes in a stick, which is great, so it glides on. No need to use a wedge applicator to apply.

As fate would have it, we were hit with an “Arctic Blast” which put this product to the test. Throughout the day my skin felt moisturized. The serum also left my skin feeling softer and glowy. I am always cautious about what I use on my skin and Olay continues to have my trust.

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