I often hear “girl when do you sleep” from my girls. And when I think about it…I really do. I mean I don’t get 8 hours of sleep every night but for the most part I get at least 6 hours…that’s all a momma needs right?

Have you ever seen that post: “You have just as many hours as Beyoncé.” Well, she’s rich with a whole lot of help.

One of my biggest struggles is that I find all of the time in the day to do everything but Eat right and Lose weight…I can even find time to workout. I KNOW I’m not alone. The shit is hard. Harder than Ever. I’m not ashamed to say that I’m 200 pounds. My son is 2. That’s not thickfit, that’s fat.

Why is this? It’s the devil. Seriously, once you hit 30, it doesn’t matter if you have kids or not, it is hard as hell. I’ve tried it all. I just can’t get my mind right. I see Liposuction in my future.

If you are still the same size you were in college, or even smaller, had a baby 3 months ago and we can’t even tell…This. Post. Is. Not. For. You. Come back next Sunday.

I need help…who wants to drink green juice and eat grass with me when I come back from London? I’m serious. We can be besties.

Ladies, what are your struggles and what are some successes you have had in the past? I’m on a mission and will start blogging my journey since it’s the only way to keep myself accountable. Inbox me if you are really serious about joining me on this journey!

Nola Bougie