It’s the time of the year again…the gift exchange and of course, you pull the Bougie girl’s name. Don’t worry. I have a few gift ideas that won’t get you side-eyed. 

1. Selfie Ring Light

2. Jade Roller

3. Head Wrap

4. Anti-Aging Moisturizer (Bou Recommendation)

5. Veuve Candle (Check with Hemline Metaire)

6. Makeup Bag


7. Tea Cups ( Bou Fave)

8. Eye Mask

9. Belladonna (stay tuned for a separate post!)

10. Andrea’s Vinyl Shoppe

11. Lip Bar

12. The Love Of People

13. Loft Furry Slippers (Available at Loft Lakeside)

Crisis Averted! Now let me know if you need me to tag along!

Oops, I almost forgot! Check out my Bou, Twist n Tie for all of your gift wrapping needs!

Stay tuned for my Christmas List!