That right there is a t-shirt that I need to make. Ladies, yes ladies. This needs to be addressed. I was searching for another blog post “Why Taraji P Henson Cheering For Her Colleagues is a Lesson For Professional Women.” It was the 2015 Emmys and Viola Davis was awarded the Best Lead Actress for How to Get Away With Murder, she is the first African American woman to ever snag that honor. Something else happened that night, there was an exchange between Taraji P Henson and Regina King. Regina King was announced as winner for Outstanding Supporting Actress in in a Limited Series for American Crime. There was a moment of true happiness that Taraji expressed for her friend and colleague. It was REAL. Why is this not the norm?

I saw two events being advertised in the city and without hesitation, I purchased a ticket. I want to take this time to thank the organizers of those two events: Paris Harris of the Paris Soul Cafe Awards and Angela Frederick Williams and Tandi Tate of Women to Watch International Awards.


Why aren’t there more events like this? Why do we not support one another? Does anybody have the answer? I want to know. Nola Bougie was created with a purpose. If all you have gotten out of it is that I wear nice shoes and like to take pictures, then I want you to look deeper. Nola Bougie is a movement. My purpose is to motivate someone to start their own business, go back to school, join the gym, or have a stronger relationship with God. My journey is real.

When one of us wins, we all win. I want to support all of you. Please leave your business in the comments, as I am building a Nola Bougie network.