It’s Back to School time! We are shipping the young adults back off to college, putting the kids on the school buses and getting ready to take on the car pool line!

Well Bous, it’s Back to School for us too! Now that the kids are out of the house, it’s time to focus on ourselves again! If you are like me, the added stress and chaos is getting ready to set in! Extra curricular activities, homework, and meetings!

Don’t worry, I have us covered! I have auto-enrolled you in Self Care 101! But first, the Class Rules:

Britt Smith Photography

1.  Love Yourself First.

2. Always follow your gut, that b*tch doesn’t lie. 

3. Keep your eyes on your own success. 

4. Strive to be respected instead of liked.

5. Think bigger.


Now that we have that covered, here’s the Syllabus!

Stay tuned for awesome content, guest instructors and field trips! Are you ready? I wonder who the star student will be?

As always, I can be reached at!

Let’s have a great semester!