Now that Labor Day has come and gone, it’s officially Back to School! Do y’all remember the school year starting after Labor Day? What happened? To help us prepare for the school year, I asked Kemba Dupree,  an educator and founder of Enhancing Beautiful Minds share some tips!

School is back in session for many of us and as a wife, mom of two teenaged and preteen artists, an educator, and entrepreneur, life can be extremely chaotic! This summer went by so quickly and I am baffled that the second full week begins tomorrow.

Merging playdates and other activities with the school year can be tricky. There is also homework, tests, family calendar items, and quiet days that must be considered.

Sending your babies (I still refer to my 11-year-old and almost 14-year-old as my babies) back to school doesn’t have to cost you your sanity. There are a few strategies that can help you to shift from summer life to beginning of school success.


1. The first thing to do is to talk to all of your partners who will participate with transportation of your scholars this year. Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, Parrain, Nanny, Aunties, Uncles or trusted family friends.  Who’s dropping them off or seeing them to the bus top? Who’s picking them up or meeting them at their bus stop? This is really important! I wish that I had employed more family to assist when my children were young. I would have seen more of my family on a regular basis and I would have taken some of the pressure off of my husband I.

Communicate the way you would like things to work, and the things you know will become issues this school year in terms of planning and scheduling. Consider co-parenting responsibilities too. Remember that the plan is to help things run smoothly however, plan back up for your backup.  Life happens quickly and routines sometimes requires adjustments.

2. Get a planner (I have several)

I combine technology and old fashioned pen and paper planners. I use the electronic calendars to share with my husband and family and I use a pen and paper planner to keep the information in front of my face. Everyone involved has to be informed so that they can participate.

3. Physicals and shot records

All schools require shot records to be up to date.  If your scholar will be playing sports, participating in extracurricular activities that are physical in nature, please be sure to schedule physicalsimmediately.  Many doctor’s offices and clinics have weekend hours around this time of year.

4. Schedule dental, eye doctor and other routine or specialist appointments

If it’s possible, schedule family appointments for this school year for your entire family so these can be on the calendar. As a classroom teacher, I kindly ask on behalf of many educators, please schedule these appointments on the weekends, school breaks or after school.  When kids are out of school, they miss important instruction.


Playdates, dancing school, piano practice, cheer practice, football practice, rehearsals and all of the things that go on the family activity calendar. Make a plan that is realistic. Remember you’re not in this alone and that those involved need a heads up to participate.

To keep your stress low, avoid overcommitting and overdoing.Choose activities based on what your kids actually want to do and the location and time of these activities. Choose things that are relatively close and that many family members in the same household can do at one time when you can.

6. Create your routines and adjust them when needed

With an idea of your calendar and schedule, develop a routine as accurately as you can at this point.

Wake up routines, homework, dinner, packing lunch, extracurricular and story and bed time routines are just a few to consider.

7. Meal prep

We usually think of meal prep when we are considering a new workout plan. To keep my busy schedule and keep my family out of the local fast food chains, we cook 2 – 3 complete meals on Sunday night. This not only saves us money but it saves us time. This also allows picky eaters to be included in the menu selection.

8. Review your plan and your schedule

Send your reminders to all of the people who are going to support you and make sure your kids and partners are kept in the loop.

This may not quell all of your worries but it will certainly bring your stress level down a few notches.

Once you’ve done all of these things, please schedule a mani/pedi, massage or both! You’ve earned it!

What do you think about these tips? Are they helpful? Anything you would like to add?